Cassus Fett

The Cathar left a stain of dishonor on the Mando'ade.




The origins of Cassus Fett were largely unknown in the galaxy, Republic Intelligence was unaware of where he came from, and even few of his fellow Mandalorians knew, though it was known that he was Human. After the close of the Great Sith War and the defeat of the Mandalorians in it, a new Mandalore rose to power, styled Mandalore the Ultimate. Mandalore, looking to redefine Mandalorian identity, called together a number of talented advisors with abilities beyond battle and war, amongst them Fett. Fett became Mandalore’s aide-de-camp and top strategist, he was highly influential, both on the battlefield and off. He helped convert the disorganized rabble of the Mandalorians into an efficient, regimented organization.

Cassus Fett

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