Valen Anenol

Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur


Height- 178 cm
Weight- 185 lb
Hair Color- Brown
Eye Color- Brown
Skin Color- White


Valen was part of the Mandalorian Knights before haveing a disagreement with Dorjander Kace which ended in a battle that almost claimed his life, half-dead Valen crawled to the foot of a near by village.
when he awoke he was healed but awoke to find his hands bound and was awaiting trial for war crimes where he was sentience to a maxim security prison for life during his transfer Valen knocked out his guard stole his weapons and high-jacked the ship.
when he got back to friendly space Valen gathered other Mandalorian and formed Prudii Tal (Shadow Blood) his own elite group which he used to gain favor with Mandalore the Ultimate.

Valen Anenol

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